Super Affiliate Classroom review, interview & ‘missing link’ bonuses

Super Affiliate Classroom Review

Check out my Super Affiliate Classroom review to see how you can start making amazing conversions from even a tiny mailing list.

PROS: It reveals the – until now – closely guarded secret to making serious levels of affiliate commissions from a relatively tiny list by enjoying earnings of ELEVEN TIMES as much as the average affiliate who is not privy to this amazing method. So comprehensive is the training it’s almost like travelling to Paul Nicholls’s new house and being trained one-on-one by him.  

CONS: As detailed as the program is, there are naturally a few areas that could stand being enlarged upon, which is exactly what I’ve done with my ‘missing link’ bonus package. So I’ll give you the inside track on why it is so tough to get approval to sell products as an affiliate unless you already have a ton of affiliate sales to your credit and how to get over this seemingly insurmountable barrier.

Also there isn’t a great deal of information on creating videos and the fastest way to build a mailing list that is not only free – but might even generate an instant profit for you. So I have  remedied these shortcomings as well with my ‘missing link’ bonus package.

In my Super Affiliate Classroom review I am looking in detail at the method Paul Nicholls has evolved through painful trial and error. He’s been been involved in internet marketing for a number of years. But it’s only in the last year or so he’s finally managed to ‘crack the code’ and achieve super affiliate success.

And when I say SUPER affiliate success, I really mean it.

Because, when I was preparing my Super Affiliate Classroom review he showed me his affiliate commissions for one month in 2018 and they total just under $5,000. All the more surprising because they come from just five campaigns.

The most important measure of affiliate success is the Earnings Per Click (EPCs). This is the average amount of commission that is made from each visitor coming to the sales page via your affiliate link, regardless of whether they buy the product or not. It is the total commission divided by the number of prospective buyers who visit the vendor’s sales page via your affiliate link.

Now most affililiates throw a party of they achieve EPCs of a couple of dollars. So this is the KEY DIFFERENCE between their marketing methods and Paul’s and why you can make very respectable money from even a very small list.

That’s because Paul’s method achieves Earnings Per Click (ECPs) that are unheard of, ranging from $6.24 (his worse one) right up to $11.07.

That means sending 100 clicks will result in affiliate commissions of $1,107, which explains how he generated $5,000 from just four campaigns in one month. And that’s the method he explains in great detail in his brand new Super Affiliate Classroom program.

These are actual screenshots from his Warrior Plus affiliate account. You might recognize the names of some of the products, so you’ll know these are genuine stats …

Super Affiliate Classroom review

Super Affiliate Classroom review

Compare that with what most affiliates have to ‘make do’ with – EPCs of somewhere around $1.00 or $1.50 and you can see that he is doing something no one else is doing and making big money as a result.

And those figures were no fluke, because here are some more excellent results …

Super Affiliate Classroom review

Super Affiliate Classroom review

And here are another couple …

Super Affiliate Classroom review

Super Affiliate Classroom review

Fortunately, he’s not keeping his secrets to himself and has just released his flagship program ‘Super Affiliate Classroom’.

So here’s my interview with Paul, followed by my ‘warts and all’ review of the product …

Now watch as I take you behind the curtain to see what all the fuss about …

I found the whole 23 videos cover the subject in great depth, so you’ll know exactly what you need to do to build up to Paul’s level of an average affiliate commission of $1,000 a week.

Paul has lined up four excellent bonuses for you …

BONUS # 1. Lifetime access to his membership site. This is jam-packed with goodies, covering every conceivable aspect of internet marketing.

BONUS # 2. A full program of 30 coaching videos. These reveal how to set up your business from scratch and get the stage of giving your boss the pink slip (just like Paul did).

BONUS # 3. Actual case studies of some of his recent off the chart affiliate campaigns. One of the best ways to learn is to watch successful case studies.

BONUS # 4. A 20 minute Skype call with Paul. Perfect if you meet any road blocks on the way to becoming a super affiliate.

If you were to travel to Paul’s home to sit with him while he explains his method in the detail that he has in this program it would easily cost you $5,000 and upwards. And that would be a drop in the ocean compared with the cost of buying a franchise, like McDonalds. And a franchise only really a way to buy yourself a job. But with Paul’s program you alone will be the owner of your business.


Not only that, but – despite being just as proven a business plan as those expensive franchises – it won’t require an investment of thousands.


In fact=, you donlt need to invest even a $1,000 – although many experienced marketers have told Paul he should price it at $997.

In fact, you need only pay half of that – just $497.

And when you consider Paul is revealing how he makes an average of $1,000 a week, investing just half that to get the complete master plan makes total sense – particularly when you consider how much all those $7 and $27 and $47 products you’ve wasted money on that have gotten you nowhere.

I’m sure you’re smart enough to know – deep down – the ONLY way to really succeed is to invest a serious amount in a in a serious proven blueprint of a profitable business. Then you can enjoy the shift from consumer of information products to making serious money from selling them (and without the hassle of actually creating them and handling customer service).

And, if $497 is beyond you budget, right now, there is a split payment option you can take advantage of.

There is also one upgrade.

This is an opportunity to work with Paul for four whole weeks on your campaigns.  It is limited to three or four people, because of the sheer amount of time he will invest in you. And, it is just under $2,000. But when you consider how much you’d pay for a McDonald’s or other franchise that might make you a 1,000 a week clear profit, you’ll see how reasonable this is.

In truth, not having $2,500 for both parts of this program should be the only reason why you should pass on this.

Super Affiliate Classroom Review Summary: 

My final comment in this Super Affiliate Classroom review is, because I personally use a similar method to Paul for my affiliate sales, I can vouch that this method works like gangbusters, so it has my highest recommendation based on sound practical experience. 

So I strongly recommend you pick this up without delay.

Bear in mind .this is no seven dollar product but a serious  training program where Paul gives you everything you need to make a complete success of this, whether you are just looking for an extra income on the side or want to really go for it and built it up to making a full-time living – just like Paul already does – then the only limit is your own ambition.

Then, once product owners see the sorts of results  you are achieving with Paul’s method, you’ll be INVITED to join in with the big product launches and even see your name on the leader boards – perhaps alongside that of Paul’s – and enjoy some amazing prizes. 

The one number one problem that will stop you even getting started is getting approval to sell their product from product owners.

You see, because there are many ways product owners can be scammed, they are very particular who they allow to sell their product. And usually this vetting includes having a  track record of previous affiliate sales success.

So I have solved the problem for you with one of my ‘must have’ missing link bonuses that will make the program far more effective for you than those who pick up this product without my bonuses.

And the second bonus will empower you to start building that list within days of picking up my bonus.  

One area I though was a little weak, was in the business of creating the videos which are the cornerstone of the whole operation.

So I’m giving away 15 copies of my Little Black Book of Video Creation Secrets, which you can qualify by investing in Paul’s program via my affiliate link below.

So, when you pick this up through my exclusive link, below, I will make this program fully complete with my five custom bonuses. 

So, just to recap here are my FIVE EXCLUSIVE SUPER BONUSES only available through the link below …

Super Affiliate Classroom review ‘must have’ bonus #1 How to get accepted as an affiliate – even if you haven’t made a single affiliate sale yet.

Super Affiliate Classroom review ‘must have’ bonus #2 How to get all the traffic you can handle – on demand. This is completely scaleable and might even make you an instant profit!


Super Affiliate Classroom review

Super Affiliate Classroom review

Super Affiliate Classroom review ‘must have’ bonus #3  My Little Black Book of Video Creation Secrets

Super Affiliate Classroom review ‘must have’ bonus #4 One month’s one-on-one coaching to get you started on your journey to being a wealthy super affiliate (regular cost $397).

Super Affiliate Classroom review ‘must have’ bonus #5 My best selling book on ‘How To Make Your Own Luck’ explaining why some folks fall in the river and drown while other fall in the river and come out smelling of roses!


Click here to pick up this outstanding program and secure your ‘MISSING LINK’ MEGA BONUSES


To claim your ‘missing link’ bonus pack simply forward your Warrior Plus receipt to paul.quercusprojects AT and I’ll send them right over.


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